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How do I receive wedding photos?

Sunstone Winery Wedding bride and groom stand in doorway on balcony inside for romantic moment Claire la Faye sleeve dress | Mary Dougherty

The anticipation builds when you are getting ready to view your finished images. Which is why today I will answer : how do I receive my wedding photos? Have you asked that question? Or if you are a photographer, do you have a process to deliver your photos to clients?

Viewing Wedding Images

Like all things, there is a range of opinions and general practices. I will share my workflow so you either know what to expect or can take what you like and implement as your own.

One of the most helpful things I have found is to share the gallery where images will be located before they are ready to view. This way photos can be shared more easily, linked to and included in communication with guests. It eliminates a lot of questions from people who also want to see the photos (and will be attending).

While uploading a gallery to facebook is a great way to get likes and invite outsiders to view your work, everyone who is close to you typically wants the chance to buy that portrait we shot during cocktail hour.

white floral arrangement on table at Sunstone Winery California wedding venue by Mary Dougherty

My process for delivering photos

One of the mistakes I made early on as I built my photography business was not guiding people through a process.

I started to develop systems for how to receive wedding photos (you can learn more about how I run my business by attending a workshop or signing up for coaching) and create a process for people to go through. One thing that I realized was important to me – and to my clients – was having tangible photos. So I invested in Make + Stow boxes and included their heirloom boxes in the delivery of my finished galleries. I use my online gallery, Instaproofs, to allow clients to share images with family and friends and select for album design. It transformed my process and for photographers, here are the five steps I take to deliver wedding photos :

6 steps to deliver wedding photos

  1. Share online gallery with client upon booking + instructions on how to download images
  2. Make gallery live to collect emails + notify when images are finished
  3. Encourage client to think through custom albums and how they want to view and experience their images after their wedding.
  4. Share preview of images within 1-3 days of event on social media + in gallery
  5. Invite clients to block off time for a viewing party before their gallery is live
  6. Mail USB + heirloom print box – so clients have a tangible product right away and backup of their files
Sunstone Winery Wedding bride and groom walk towards mountains on cloudy day romantic Claire la Faye dress | Mary Dougherty

Online Gallery + USB type-c drive

USB Memory direct shared their new USB type-c drives with me. I stopped sending drives for the last few years and focused only on online galleries. However, I found that clients don’t always download and remember to store in multiple places. My business is built around taking care of my clients, so I saw an opportunity to provide them with a backup. I love that these usb’s are compatible with new computers. Thank you USB Memory Direct for the custom flash drives. I love how my logo looks. What do you think?

how do I receive wedding photos | usb type-c drive wedding gallery delivery Mary Dougherty Photography

Drives were provided as a gift by USB Memory Direct, opinions are my own.

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