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Print Shop | Raising money for Food Banks

brooklyn bridge view from below NYC film photographer Mary Dougherty

Visit the Print Shop your purchase will benefit Food Bank NYC + Feeding America.

The effect Covid-19 has had on our lives and our world is dramatic to say the least. I am sure like me, you have family and friends who are doctors, nurses, police officers and those essential to our society. So, they show up daily in the midst of this pandemic. There are so many things to do during this time it can be paralyzing. So, instead of letting that stop me I am trying one small thing – I’m opening up a print shop.

My job as a wedding photographer is largely based off of events, and although I am not actively working at this time most of my work has been postponed and not canceled. I feel grateful that right now it hasn’t come to as abrupt of a halt as it has for others. So this print shop is an effort to raise money for food banks, Food Bank NYC and the larger organization of Feeding America, to be exact. All print sales will be donated.

There are options to purchase a gift card with me for a future session, album or purchase if you would like to support my business at this time.

Print Shop by Mary Dougherty Photography New York Vermont Wedding Photographer - all sales in April 2020 benefit Feeding America


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