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Central Park Engagement : Jaclyn + Scott

At 6am you really feel like you have the park to yourself. That was the time I met Jaclyn and Scott for their Central Park engagement session and created some images I am so excited to share. What do you think? Are you ready to start planning your session?

They scouted the park and settled on Belvedere Castle. The beautiful gardens and views surrounding the castle were perfect, and somehow I have never been to that space. It’s not a surprise since Scott is also a photographer that they considered everything about location and light. Some people take some convincing to create the best shots, but they understood.

Jaclyn is a talented teacher + yoga instructor. She offers a kids yoga which looks like so much fun, I have to copy her downward dog tunnel and see what my kids think.

Jaclyn + Scott are planning an upstate New York wedding. Their venue in the Catskills is stunning and everyone will be onsite so it will be a retreat and celebration. Now that we have made these photographs it will be so much easier to fit seamlessly into the day and I can’t wait! To learn more about my process go here.

Everything was shot on film using my Contax 645, Fuji 400h film and processing from The Find Lab.

If you love these images – let me know! Leave a comment, or even better join the conversation on Instagram. Reach out to find my next availability and download this resource if you are wedding planning.



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