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Belle Lumiere BW Image of the Year

Engagement Photos in West Village NYC by Mary Dougherty

In January Belle Lumière hosts end of the year awards. Film photographers share their work and come together as a group to support each other. I am thrilled to have the image above selected as the 2018 Black and White Image of the Year.

Having enjoyed Belle Lumière for some time, this was my first entry into their awards. As I push myself to continue growing I love the opportunity for critique and features.

I went through my work and submitted the image above. It created this image at Aria in the West Village during Jess and Brody’s engagement session.

Using my Contax 645 film camera with Ilford HP5, the Find Lab processed it.This image captured my attention for a few reasons. There is a wide range of tones, with light and shadow balancing each other well. That is one of my favorite things about film, because it can read light so beautifully. Also, this is a signature moment for my work. I instructed them to touch, lean in and kiss, but the couple is unaware of the camera and focused on being together.

Thanks to all my photographer friends who supported me in voting. I am grateful for those who encourage me daily in this journey as an artist and entrepreneur.



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