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Lake Placid Natural Light Newborn Session

These Lake Placid newborn photos are not like anything you’ve seen before. You guys!! I’m so excited to be in this new space (look at that website) and as a lake placid newborn photographer sharing once again on my blog. First things first, take a look at these in home newborn photos and tell me you don’t want some of your own for mother’s day! This little babe entered the world when the snow was still falling (not saying that much, it did snow a week ago) but what I mean to say is that shooting inside is really the only option.

Since we moved into our house in the Adirondacks I knew it would be a perfect location for images. Lots of natural light, open space and at home moments could be created here. When styles vary and exposed wood beams and natural wood is most common… I was instantly smitten with the 1930’s classic with hints of art deco house we found.


The goal was to capture natural moments, real interactions and the beauty of this family. When you are just trying to get your kids to sleep and make sure you leave the house with clean clothes it can seem like a lot to plan for pictures… but I think that’s exactly why we do it. We want to remember these moments. The hugs, the careful holding of baby sisters, the soft kisses and silly toddler faces. It goes too quickly, as you know.

How to look natural in photos

If you are wondering how I focus my work on natural, real images, I have a resource for you! I compiled the top three things you can do as a client or photographer to achieve natural photos. Take a look and let me know what you think!

I offer two different types of sessions – and if you want to reach out before Mother’s Day I’ll share how you can have $500 towards your next shoot.



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