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Dorset Quarry

Nov 4, 2016


Meg + Chris planned the wedding weekend of my dreams. I’m serious! If I could have a Vermont wedding complete with swimming at the local quarry and running a 5k the morning of I totally would. With wedding guests staying at Barrows House in Dorset, Vermont and the celebration at the nearby West Mountain Inn in Arlington, Vermont… activities were planned to highlight the beauty of the area. The Dorset Quarry is the home of one of Vermont’s best swimming holes with multiple heights and plenty of room to jump. Wedding guests were invited to the “Practice Plunge” before getting ready for the welcome BBQ later that evening and I stopped in to capture the fun.


The Dorset Quarry


It could not have been a more perfect September weekend, with temperatures in the mid 70’s and plenty of sunshine. How hilarious is the kid standing on the ledge waiting to jump? He was there for a good 10 minutes. Of course, I think Chris could relate. After asking if he wanted to go off the 20ft jump she remembered how afraid of heights he was. haha! I’m so impressed.


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