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White Sands

May 18, 2016

White Sands, New Mexico is a special place. I visited for the first time in elementary school, when we drove down with family from Albuquerque on one of our frequent trips to see them. Coming back was something I always wanted to do, especially to take pictures. I finally did last month, and I love these images.

Creating is personal, even when other people are involved. The ability to document a person, a place and a feeling is both so easy and so complex. Capturing something that embodies a relationship is so fun to do out side of a wedding day. It has a completely different feeling and so anniversary sessions may be my new favorite thing.

Ashley and Jon have been married for five years. It’s kind of hard to believe since I did actually know them before their wedding. We crossed paths in our college days and Jon’s brother Jake is second shooting for the third year with me. They live in nearby El Paso, Texas so coming up to White Sands was easy drive.

Captured on Fuji 400h + Hp5 I am in love with film and the say it renders light! Thanks to The Find Lab for developing and scanning.

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